Leader companies in terms of market share and profits do not buy pallets.They rent them.

Your company can also exploit the benefits of renting pallets instead of buying them:

  • You can have as many pallets as you need / select, whenever and wherever you select them.
  • You pay only the pallets that you’ll actually use.
  • As soon as your goods arrive at your customers, returning the pallets then becomes our business.
  • You enable company resources to other major activities of your company.
  • You can always have new or reconditioned pallets without the stress of losses,poor quality or unavailability.

Taking advantage of pallet pooling, your company can, through sharing equipment from multiple users, achieve higher pallet availability at lower cost. Plus you get to pay only what you actually use without worrying about the shape in which  the equipment is when returned from your clients. You will always have high quality pallets when you choose them and where you choose them to be.
We promise you that we will provide your company with excellent pallets which we will re-condition after each use and we will return them in excellent quality at any point in your supply chain.