How Pallet Pooling Works

  • You continue to receive your goods from suppliers on pallets as usual.
  • After delivery / unloading of the goods, your store/warehouse manager calls Pallet Pooling Hellas to arrange loading and collection of these pallets in due time as appointed by you. If you belong to the Pallet Pooling Hellas network or Pallet Pooling Hellas has long-term contracts with you, you don’t even have to call. We will be reaching you regularly!
  • You can also either separate the pallets per pallet type or not. It depends on you and the internal processes / availability of your company.
  • Pallet Pooling Hellas checks the quality, reconditions and repairs the pallets and returns them to the customers’ supply chain.

This completes the cycle, offering an effective and profitable solution for the reuse of pallets.