One Way Pallet Pooling


A simple system with no surprises!

Pallet Pooling Hellas offers a simple, one route system which is compatible with all supply chains and meets the basic needs of industry for flexibility and quality. The system is based on four simple steps:

  1. You choose our high quality pallets and we deliver the exact number to you  (alternatively you can pick them up from our premises if this suites your needs).
  2. You deliver your products to your customers on our pallets and you inform us when and where our pallets have been sent.
  3. We then collect the empty pallets.
  4. When the pallets are returned to our depot, they are inspected under our strict quality criteria and they are reconditioned if necessary.

The cycle then begins again.

All you have to do is to:

  • ♦ Tell us the number of pallets that you need and when you need them
  •  Make sure not to lose the pallets when they are in your network
  • nform us about where you have sent them

We take care of the rest:

  • ♦ Management from our stock to ensure that you always have 100% availability
  • ♦ 24/7 operation of our depot which stores, inspects the quality and repairs the pallets
  • ♦ Preparing the pallets for delivery to customers or for the collection from them
  • ♦ Communicate directly with your end users' point-of-contact to ensure that we can collect 100% of    the pallets
  • ♦ Monitoring and compliance of our quality standards.